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2021 Deep Analysis Pick of the Pops

2021’s Top Reports

Analysts analyze, so we thought it would be fun to take a look at all the reports, briefs, vignettes, and analyst notes we published at Deep Analysis in 2021? There are 89 in total! As the writers of this research, we have our personal favorites, but we thought it would be fun to just pull the numbers and see what were your favorites – remember our research is open source so anyone can access it from anywhere. That said  I would never have guessed the following would have been the most popular reports of 2021 in a million years 🙂

So buckle up folks for a wild ride as in at number 10 comes…..

SAP buys Signavio

Hey it was a big deal, literally at $1.2 B and a landmark for process mining, so no real surprise here

Number 9: The Dawn of Cognitive Capture Report

Great report and frankly a game-changer for Deep Analysis one that has spurred us on to dig deeper and deeper into this fast-changing and highly disruptive, yet a long-established market

Number 8: The Process & Task Mining Report

Actually, this one isn’t really a surprise that it is a very popular read…

Number 7:  The 2021 Innovation Index Report

Another great read where we get to put a spotlight on the ‘aha’ moments of the past year

Number 6: Abbyy Vantage 2.0 Our Thoughts

To be honest with you, we did not think this would have been so popular but what do we know?

Number 5:  OpenText Documentum Vendor Vignette

Here’s the thing folks, this was published in April 2020, and it’s still going strong…hmmmm

Number 4: Hyland & The Heavyweight Fight Ahead

This really launched with a bang and a flood of comments, discussions, and feedback in October so no surprise at all that it comes in strong

Number 3: Hyland Acquires Nuxeo 

Big news in March 2021 so again no surprise

Number 2: Box acquires CloudFastPath

The deal itself was no surprise as Deep Analysis had a little involvement in it, but the fact that this came in at number two is a jaw-dropper. Particularly as Box’s other deal of the year SignRequest didn’t even make it into the top ten, which in and of itself, leaves us with our heads spinning. Who says file migration isn’t exciting?

Number 1: LTO Networks Vendor Vignette

Honestly, we would never have imagined this would be our most-read research of the year. No disrespect to LTO, it is a great company and example of blockchain innovation but…..did not see that coming

So there you have it, folks, this year’s pick of the pops. Not sure what to make of it, but, no really I don’t know what to make of it. Have a great New Year!

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