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Latest Analyst Notes

Can AI ever be bias-free?

In our upcoming book ‘The AI Playbook’ we discuss in some detail the issue of bias in AI. For those that don’t know, AI bias is the phenomena of an AI system giving prejudiced results due to misassumptions in the process. It’s easy to label biases as mistakes, but frequently they are not, they are answers that we do not agree with.

Salesforce & Blockchain

Though under-reported at the time, Salesforce (one of the largest enterprise software firms) made a set of announcements this year regarding Blockchain. On the surface, the announcement of a low code development tool on the Salesforce Lightning platform called unsurprisingly ‘Salesforce Blockchain’ is insignificant.

The Resistance to AI

It seems like every week; a technology vendor tells me how their AI product will free workers from mundane jobs and enable them to do more exciting work. And, every week I respond the same way (though sometimes more diplomatically) ‘that is not true.’ As AI works its way through blue-collar jobs, lower-paid white-collar jobs and now into higher-paid professions, that sales pitch that falls flat. In theory, AI automation could free workers from the mundane and create new and more exciting jobs. But in reality, that will seldom happen, workers are made redundant.

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